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Yohm ShahBahTohn
M'nooChah V'simChah
Tzoor MeeShehLoh  
BahRooch Ehl EhlYohn
Yohm Zeh M'chooBahd
Yah ReeBohn
These files contain phonetically-transliterated Sabbath
Songs that are in the Hebrew Prayers Learning Series
HPLS) Bencher  These links are to a site in Chile
Grace After Meals
From the HPLS Bencher, and Volumes 3 and 6 of
HPLS Siddur
AySheht ChahYeel
From the HPLS Bencher, and Volume 4 of HPLS SIddur
Friday Kiddush
From the HPLS Bencher, and Volume 4 of HPLS SIddur
ShahLohm Ah'layChehm
From the HPLS Bencher and Volume 4 of HPLS SIddur
Mah Y'deeDoot
Yohm Zeh L'yisRahEhl
KeeEhshM'rah ShahBaht
The following audio files contain Sabbath Prayers and
Blessings that are phonetically transliterated in the HPLS
Siddur. These downloads are from web site:
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