Using this HPLS Siddur you will be able to pray in Hebrew with full
comprehension - immediately!

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The HPLS Reform Service Study Guide is for the Friday Night
Reform Service. This siddur was prepared for the Temple Beth
El Evening Service, and is the only HPLS publication written
specifically for the Reform Synagogue.

Arranged in 8.5" x 11" format with the binding on the 8.5" edge.
The preface to the Study Guide was written by Jeffery A. Freedman.  It has been  quoted it in
its entirety because Mr Freedman so aptly explains the benefits of the HPLS siddurim:
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Siddurim are edited by Rabbi Shmuel Rabin
All rights reserved
Published by F. Ephraim Linker LLC
P.O. Box 670723
Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367-0723
Tel 917-714-1707
To My Adult Beginning Hebrew Students:

I have been searching for years to find the "right" presentation of materials to help in teaching
this class. Adults tend to have different learning and memory wiring in their brains than do
children; so it's necessary to format the teaching of this class differently. Children work
better with repetition: the bah bah bah that you may have heard from your young ones after
Hebrew School. In my 21 years of teaching experience - at least with Hebrew - adults favor
pictures (pneumonics) where they can form basic relationships between the letters and the

My wife has struggled for years with "squiggles," as she calls them in reference to the
Hebrew language. She sees the letters and vowels, and recognizes the sounds of them; but
cannot associate written word to its meaning. Her struggle has provided me with the impetus
to find a better way to teach Hebrew. Following use of this text, my wife went on to recently
have her Bat Mitzvah; and is now chanting Torah on a monthly basis. That's how powerful
this teaching method is!

For several years, I have been acquiring "interlinear" Hebrew/English texts: Siddurim,
Psalms, Haggadot and other prayer-oriented books. These texts provide each line of Hebrew
with word-for-word English translation. I gradually incorporated portions of these texts in my
Hebrew classes with good success. However, one crucial aspect has been missing from a
teaching standpoint: transliteration. We adults love to see a word in Hebrew and how it
sounds in English.

Some time ago I ran across a set of teaching guides produced by Mr. F. Ephraim Linker of
Flushing, New York. To my excitement, the guides include word for word Hebrew, faithful
English translation and transliteration. The critical test came when we took the Shabbat
Evening Volume 4 to services; where my students have been able to follow the entire service
- and actually understood what they were reading

The original guides are copywritten; and it is certainly not my intention to violate the law by
reproducing parts of them. Accordingly, Mr. Linker and I have edited his original documents
to create this primer as a teaching tool for you. I mention parts because the six volumes are
designed for Orthodox and Conservative observance.Students of Temple Beth El may not
feel comfortable "reading between the lines." So I have included those prayers, or portions of
prayers commonly recited during our Shabbat Evening Service. The textbook you are reading
will only be used in this class; and not distributed to the general Congregation

Ethically I feel it is important to mention that when you purchase this primer for use in my
class, you will be paying for paper and reproduction costs only. I'm sure Mr. Linker would
not turn away a donation for his intellectual contributions to this work (P. O. Box 670723,
Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367-0723). You may also visit his website at

I welcome your comments on this extracted version of the guide, and hope that it provides
you the foundation to build on your study of the Hebrew language through further classes
and seminars.
Jeffrey A. Freedman
Gig Harbor, WA
February 2011
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