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Cantor Gray's CD and the
HPLS Passover Haggadah
The Hebrew Prayers Learning Series (HPLS)
Passover Haggadah is phonetically transliterated
and has been extensively edited for completeness
and accuracy. It makes a wonderful addition to your

Perfect for beginners as well as advanced readers.

Original wood-cut illustrations by Reba Linker
illuminate this Haggadah

Flex bound, 5.5" W x 8.5" H 139 pages.
See the PC version for a rave review in the
New Jersey Jewish New
Make your passover joyous with Passover
melodies from
Cantor Deborah Katchko-Gray
Contents of  HPLS Haggadah
The Search for Leaven - (B'deeKaht ChahMehtz)
The Burning of Leaven -
Biur Chametz (BeeOhr ChahMehtz)
Ceremony for preparing for Shabbat (
Eruv TahvSheeLeen)
Blessings for Lighting Festival (and Shabbat) Candles .
The Seder Plate
Steps of the Seder
Step 1 - Make Kiddush (
Step 2 - Wash Hands (Without a Blessing) (
Step 3 - Eat Vegetable in Salt Water -
Karpas (KahrPahs) .
Step 4 - Divide Middle Matzah -
Yachatz (YahChahtz)
Step 5 - Tell Passover Story -
Mageed (MahGeed)
Dayenu (DahYehNoo) (Traditional Passover Song)
Rabbi Gamaliel (
Step 6 - Wash Hands (With a Blessing) (
Step 7- Make Blessing for Bread on Matzah (
Step 8 - Bless and Eat Matzah (
Step 9 - Bless and Eat Bitter Herbs -
Mahror (MahRohr)
Step 10 - Eat Matzah-Maror Sandwich (
Step 11 - Eat Festival Meal (
Shulhan Orech)
Step 12 - Eat Hidden
Afikoman - Tzafun (TzahFoon)
Step 13 - Grace after Meals (
Step 14 - Psalms of Praise -
Hallel (HahLehl)
Step 15 - Acceptance  by God -
Nirtzah (NeerTzah)
Ki Lo Na'eh
(Kee Loh NahEh)
AhDeer Hoo
Counting of the Omer
EhChahd Mee YohDehAh
(Who Knows One)
Chad Gadya (Chahd GahdYah) - One Kid Goat .
The above sample shows the HPLS Three-Tier
format used in the Haggadah.

However, so that everyone can understand the story
in the Haggadah, much of the text is in two-column
format, with flowing text in the left column and  
Hebrew facing on the right.

All important passages, and all the songs, are in the
Three-Tier format
Passover Haggadah for your Seder
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