HPLS Bencher Overview
Contains the complete Grace after Meals for Weekdays,
Sabbath, and Festivals, plus Shabbat songs (Z'mirot),
blessings for the Bride and Groom (Shevah Bruchas), and
various blessings relating to food.
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Part 1 - Grace After Meals

Psalm 137 - Weekday Introductory Psalm
Psalm 126 - Sabbath and Festival Introductory Psalm
Invitation to Grace (said with three or more males)
Grace after Meals - First Blessing

Part 2 - ShehVah B'rahChoht

ShehVah B'rahChoht - Blessings for the Bride and Groom

Part 3 - Sabbath Songs

M'nooChah V'simChah
YohmZeh L'YisRahEhl
Mah Y'deeDoot
Tzoor MeeShehLoh
Yah ReeBohn
BahRooch Ehl EhlYohn
YohmZeh M'chooBahd
Yohm ShahBahTohn
Kee EhshM'rah Shabbat
MeezMoht L'dahVeed (Psalm 23)
Y'deed NehFehsh

Part 4 - Various Blessings

Various Blessings (pertaining to food)
Ahl HahMeechYah
Sabbath Evening Meal
ShahLohm Ah'layChehm
AySheht ChahYeel
Evening Kiddush for the Sabbath
Evening Kiddush for Major Festivals
Morning Kiddush for the Sabbath
Morning Kiddush for Major Festivals
N'teeLaht YahDahYeem (Washing of the hands) and
Blessing for Bread
Contents of the HPLS Bencher
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Sample from Introductory Psalm to Grace
after Meals
The HPLS Bencher (from the Latin benedicere
- to bless)
is also referred to as the Hebrew
Prayers Learning Series (HPLS) Grace after
Meals, and the Mealtime Blessings.
Flexbound, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 103 pages.
Blessings for Food
Blessings for Bride and Groom
Phonetic-Transliterated HPLS Bencher
(Traditional Grace after Meals)
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