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To enable the HPLS HaAri siddur to be a companion to the Chabad's Tehillat Hashem -
Annotated Edition siddur, a page-number cross-reference is provided as part of the
Table of Contents. See below for the  Table of Contents of Volumes 2 and 5.
Table of Contents of HPLS HaAri Volume 2, Weekday Morning Service (Two Pages)
Prayer for Restoring my Soul in the Future (in the World to Come)
See Rabbi Rabin's lectures on Rosh Hashana on these two You-Tube links"
Rosh Hashana Part One     and     Rosh Hashana Part Two
Each volume of the HPLS HaAri Companion siddur has been carefully edited by Rabbi Shmuel
Rabin to ensure complete accuracy of all aspects of this siddur. (Rabbi Rabin has edited all
HPLS siddurm.)
All passages of the HPLS HaAri Siddur contain similar passages to the Chabad Tehillat
Hashem siddur. The translations, however, are original and have slightly different
The order of the prayers for Nusach HaAri are sometimes different than that of Nusach
Ashkenaz and Nusach Sefard. For example, after saying the blessing for restoring your soul
in the World to Come, the 15 blessings are said in this order:

Blessing for giving roosters the intelligence to distinguish between day and night.
Blessing for giving sight to our eyes.
Blessing for untying our souls and bodies.
Blessing for straightening those bent over.
Blessing for clothing the naked.
Blessing for giving strength to the weary.
Blessing for spreading the land above the waters.
Blessing for preparing the steps of man.
Blessing for providing for all your needs.
Blessing for girding Israel with strength.
Blessing for crowning Israel with glory
Blessing for not making you a goy.
Blessing for not making you a slave.
Blessing for not making you a woman.
Blessing for removing sleep from your eyes and slumber from your eyelids.
The tallis is put on only after these blessings have been recited.
Here is the blessing before the above 15 blessings are said:
The HPLS HaAri siddur is in the HaAri Nusach order (Chabad) and is made up of six
volumes. Two volumes are presently available and are referred to as the HPLS HaAri
Volume 2 (for the Weekday Morning Service), and HPLS HaAri Volume 5 (for the
Sabbath and Festival Morning Service).

The remaining four volumes are in production and hopefully will be ready by the end of
this year.
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