Mealtime Blessings, Volume 3 of the HPLS siddur is arranged into
the following four parts:
Part 1, Grace after Meals. Introductory Psalm 137, which is said
on weekdays and never sung, is in two-column format (
click here to see
sample format). The remainder of Volume 3 is usually said out loud and
is completely transliterated.
For the Sabbath and Festivals, the grace starts with introductory Psalm
126 (
Sheer HahMahAhloht). The Invitation to Grace is then recited,
followed by the four main blessings that make up the Grace after Meals.
Volume 3 has the complete grace after meals, including passages for
Chanukah, Purim, Rosh Chodesh (new moon), and all the Jewish
Part 2, The Seven Blessings for Bride and Groom
ShehVah Brachot). These blessings are said at the wedding
ceremony and at the grace after meal during the first week of marriage.
Part 3, Sabbath Songs (Z'mirot). Songs (all fully transliterated)
traditionally sung at the Sabbath table, includes:
M'nooChah V'simChah,
Yohm Zeh L'YisRahEhl, Mah Y'deeDoot, Tzoor MeeShehLoh, Yah
ReeBohn, BahRooch Ehl EhlYohn, Yohm Zeh M'chooBahd, Yohm
ShahBahTohn, Kee EhshM'rah ShahBaht, MeezMohr L'dahVeed
and Y'deed NehFehsh. The music for these transliterations can be
found on our
Shabbat Songs Page
Part 4, Various Blessings. This part of Volume 3 contains various
blessings pertaining to food, and includes the blessing for washing the
hands, the
HahMohTzee (said before eating bread), ShehHahKohl
(blessing said before drinking liquids other than wine, and before eating
food other than cakes and pastry), and the blessings for eating fruit,
vegetables, smelling fragrant spices, etc.
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The HPLS Mealtime Blessings prayer book (siddur) is Volume 3 of the HPLS
Six-Volume set.

This siddur contains the traditional Grace after Meals, Blessings for Bride and
Groom, Shabbat Songs, Shalom Aleichem, Eshet Chayll, Kiddush for Shabbat
and the Major Jewish Festivals, and Kiddush for Rosh Hashanah.

The HPLS siddur is available in two versions. A Standard Edition and a
Hand-Book Edition. The Standard Edition is the original version and is slightly
less expensive. It measures 8 1/2" high x 11" wide and contains 56 pages. The
Hand-Book Edition is 5 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" high and contains 113 pages.

Some people may prefer the Standard Edition as more parts of the service are
visible on each page. Otherwise, both editions of Volume 3 have identical
content. Click here for a
sample page from the Standard Edition.

The content of Volume 3 is described below.
Sample from HPLS Siddur Volume 3
Details of the HPLS Phonetic-Transliterated Siddur, Volume 3
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