If you can't read a letter of Hebrew and want to pray in the spirit of Abraham, Isaac,
and Jacob, and our other forefathers, the Hebrew Prayers Learning Series (HPLS) is
a great place to start.

A Jew thinks of Hashem (God) constantly.  The multitude of Hebrew
(blessings) and
mitzvahs (commandments) help us bring our awareness and gratitude
Hashem  to the forefront of our consciousness.

Connecting to
Hashem starts upon wakening . Before the hands are washed.

A Jew is taught that upon awakening, to first have awareness of God, King.  This
connection is made by the
MohDeh Ah'nee prayer. It does not contain God's name
and is usually said in bed.
After saying MohDeh Ah'nee, the first mitzvah is to wash the hands. (Some Jews keep
a basin of water alongside the bed to perform this
mitzvah.) The saying of this first
blessing, however, is delayed unil one completes going to the bathroom.

After the bathroom, a spiritual washing is performed, and while the hands are being
NehTeeLaht YahDahYeem is said, followed by Ah'sher YahTzahr.

The procedure for washing of the hands is usually performed using a two-handled

First the right is washed, then the left hand. This is repeated twice.

Neh'teeLaht YahDahYeem blessing is said only after using the bathroom for the
first time. It is also said each time one washes before eating bread.
In the morning the next prayers are in Preliminary Morning section of the prayer book
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MohDeh Ah'nee
Thoughts about Praying
The MohDeh Ah'nee Prayer is the first thing said by many Jews upon awakening and can
be said before washing ones hands.
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