If you have longed to participate more fully in the service, and find
meaning in praying in the language of our forefathers, then I'm sure
you'll be pleased with this series.


Ephraim Linker
updated March 20 2016
Dear Friend,
The idea for the series came many years ago when I attended a
Mincha minyan (quorum of 10 in a Jewish prayer group) and not one
person among us could lead the service. This real need inspired me to
transliterate a siddur (Hebrew prayer book) that everyone could use.
The HPLS siddurim are the direct result of my personal quest for a tool
to help me pray in Hebrew.
For many, particularly those without the benefit of formal Jewish
education, HPLS helps break the Hebrew language barrier. Unlike a
typical Hebrew course, where fluency comes only after months or years
of study, anyone can say the complete Jewish prayer service right
away by simply following the HPLS siddur!
Praying in Hebrew is easy using HPLS transliterations. Correct
pronunciation is assured by the use of a unique phonetic spelling that I
developed exclusively for the HPLS. To ensure accuracy and
completeness, a renowned Jewish scholar has extensively edited all
Hebrew text, translations, and transliterations.
For additional usability, the Hebrew letters, Hebrew-to-English
transliteration, and English translation are all together on each line of
text. This closeness enables you to quickly switch between the Hebrew,
English translation, and transliteration.
The HPLS siddur allows you to easily follow and lead the morning,
afternoon, and evening prayer services for the weekdays, Shabbat,
and the major Jewish holidays. The HPLS Series also provides the
Grace after Meals, the Passover Seder, the Ethics of the Fathers
(Pirkei Avot), and various songs, blessings, and prayers.
The story behind the HPLS Phonetic-Transliterated Siddur
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