Sample text from the HPLS Megillat Estner
Complete Phonetic Transliteration of
the Book of Esther -
Megillat Esther.

Also contains blessings said before
and after reading the Megillah.
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HPLS Book of Esther (Megillat Esther)
(For Purim)
The HPLS Phonetic Transliterated Book of Esther is part of the HPLS
Library of reading tools that provide an open doorway to the joy of the
Hebrew Prayer Service.

The unique triple-tiered HPLS format includes Hebrew text, word-for-word
English translation and word-for-word transliteration, each in-line, one
above the other. The HPLS format invites everyone to experience the
Hebrew Prayer Service with full participation, comprehension and
confidence, no matter what their experience level or background.

The triple-tiered HPLS format was designed by F. Ephraim Linker. A
retired technical manual writer, Mr. Linker applied his tech writing skills to
the challenge of greater participation in the Hebrew Prayer service. The
HPLS library of products has reached an avid following. To quote one
satisfied customer, he “would not be reading prayers today without them!”

Now, for the first time, HPLS has applied its format to the Hebrew Literagy
with this edition of the Megillat Esther.

The HPLS Library includes a full selection of holiday, daily and Shabbat
prayers and songs, all available at www.HebrewPrayersLearningSeries.
com. The HPLS publications use the unique triple-tiered HPLS format
designed for participation, comprehension and confidence.
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