Sample text from the HPLS Megillat Esther
Complete Phonetic Transliteration of
the Book of Esther -
Megillat Esther.

Also contains blessings said before
and after reading the Megillah.
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HPLS Book of Esther (Megillat Esther)
For Purim
Complete Book of Esther in full HPLS Three-Tier Format.
Prayers are included for before and reading the Migillah.
Flexbound, 8 1/2" x 11", 47 double-sided pages.
Complete Megillat Esther
Printed Edition
$ 14.95
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The complete HPLS Megillat Esther
Includes blessings for before and after reading the Megillah
Examples of the HPLS Three-Tier Phonetic Transliterations:
To ensure that each syllable reads the way it
should sound, sometimes the spelling of the
transliterated syllable has been modified if it
spelled out a common English word that sounds
different than the desired sound. This led to some
unique spellings of the transliterations.

In addition, to slightly stress the reading of the
syllable at the end of some words that end with a
letter h, the letter h is followed by an asterisk (*).
Sample page showing Three-Tier Hybrid Format
This example is from the HPLS Siddur Six-Volume Set
Standard Edition
Volume 2
Weekday Morning Service

The HPLS Megillat Esther is formatted only with Three-Tier Transliterations
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