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HPLS Companion to Chabad Siddur
This HPLS companion prayer book is currently available in two of the six volumes
that are planned. These are Volumes 2 and 5, which are for the Morning Service
for Weekdays, and the Morning Service for Sabbath and Festivals.

Volumes 1, 4 and 6 are currently being edited by Rabbi Shmuel Rabin.

See Rabbi Rabin's Rosh-Hashanna Lectures on YouTube:
Part One and  Part Two.
Each volume of this HPLS siddur has a page-number cross-reference to the
corresponding page in Chabad's Tehillat Hashem siddur (ANNOTATED EDITION
with English Translation).

See below for Table of Contents of each volume.
The Chabad siddur represents the first major upgrade to the Traditional
Orthodox prayer service in many years.
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