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Praying in Hebrew can be extremely difficult without the benefit of a religious education.

The HPLS Siddur addresses this need and guides the reader into the heart of the Hebrew service without years of study.

It allows for immediate connection to Judaism.
No other siddur uses the same format as the HPLS Siddur.

The Hebrew alphabet is provided in each volume, transliterated into English. This allows each volume to be a stand-alone Hebrew/English Prayer
Book (Siddur). Each provides the Jewish Prayers in English, Hebrew, and in Phonetic Transliteration.

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accolades page to see that they are a proven means to learn Jewish Prayer and Liturgy.

English Translation


In-Line Translation and Transliteration

Flow Charts of the Ashkenaz prayer service

Flow Charts of the Sefard prayer service

Flow Charts of the HaAri (Chabad) prayer
HPLS Siddur






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Using the HPLS Siddur you will know that each word is being pronounced correctly.

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examples of common mispronunciations
In the HPLS Siddur, the Hebrew word and the transliteration are in a direct correspondence making it easy to identify the two.

A brief comparison to other transliterated siddurim is given below:
Everyone should experience the joy and satisfaction of knowing how to pray in Hebrew, and understanding what is said.
To guide you to the key passages and thereby make participation in the synagogue service easy, the siddur is written in a hybrid style. To easily pray
the entire service, passages that may be skipped, or just said silently by the reader, are in two-column format. The above example shows this hybrid

The example shown above is from the HPLS Siddur, Standard Edition. The pages are arranged in landscape format. This may be an advantage to
some as it makes it easier to see where you are in the service.
The following photo shows the typical layout of the HPLS Standard Edition 6-volume Siddur - Click to enlarge
The Hebrew Prayers Learning Series uses a unique and exclusive Triple-Tier format (illustrated above) to assure
meaningful and correct reading of the prayers.

The word-for-word Hebrew text, English translation, and phonetic transliteration are in-line, one above the other. This
enables you to quickly and easily switch between the Hebrew, transliteration, and English translation.

To facilitate correct pronunciation each syllable starts with a capital letter .

Stressed syllables that are not at the end of a word are in bold typeface.

With a literal English definition above each Hebrew word, you get the authentic prayers, rather than a poetic interpretation.

The HPLS approach enables you to learn Hebrew naturally and easily. The Triple-Tier format invites you to experience
the Hebrew Prayer Service with full participation, comprehension, and confidence, no matter what your experience level or
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The HPLS solution:
No guessing for the correct pronunciation:
The HPLS publications are the perfect adjunct to Shabbat Across America and Hebrew Crash Courses. While those
programs are very helpful, it may  take years to read Hebrew well enough to pray the Amidah (silent prayer).

The HPLS phonetic transliterated prayers and blessings allow you to pray immediately, with full confidence .
Overview of HPLS publications
Children first learn how to speak, then learn to read.

HPLS adapts this methodology using phonetic transliterations.

In time, when one is familiar enough on how a words is pronounced, the transition to reading Hebrew directly is easy
Additional Features of HPLS Siddurim
Proven Methodology
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