Volume 6 Handbook Edition
Afternoon Service for the Sabbath
and Three Major Festivals
In addition to the Afternoon Service, this
volume contains the prayers for the
concludsion oft he Sabbath and Holiday
services, th Grace after Meals, songs
sung at the Sabbath meals, the Evening
Service for weekdays, and HavDahLah.  
190 pages
Volume 5 Handbook Edition
Morning Service for the Sabbath
and Festivals
Contains the Morning Service for the
Sabbath and the Three Major
Festivals, and includes the Torah
Service, Hallel, Yiskor, Musaf, and
Flow charts are included in this
volume. 495 pages
Volume 4 Handbook Edition
Evening Service for the Sabbath
and Festivals.
Contains the Evening Service for the
Sabbath and the Three Major
Festivals. The Sabbath service is
continued at home with ShahLohm
Ah'layChehm, AySheht ChahYeel, and
Kiddush. 183 pages
Volume 3 Handbook Edition
Mealtime Blessings
(Same content as the HPLS Bencher)
Contains the complete Grace after
Meals, songs sung at the Shabbat
table, the blessings for the Bride and
Groom (Shevah Bruchas), the "Ahl
HahMeechYah" blessing, and various
other blessings. 113 pages
Volume 2 Handbook Edition
Weekday Morning Prayers
Contains the Preliminary Morning
Prayers, the P'sooKay D'zeemRah
(Verses of Praise), the complete
Sh'mah YisRahEhl, Morning
Ah'meeDah (silent prayer), Torah
Service, Hallel (holiday praises),  
Musaf, and more.
Flow charts are
included in this volume.  388 pages
Volume 1 Hand-Book Edition, Weekday
(Mincha-MahAh'reev) Siddur.
Contains the complete Afternoon and
Evening Prayer Services, including the
Sh'mah YisRahEhl, Ah'meeDah (silent
prayer), Counting the Omer, Havdalah, and
more.  156 pages
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Hand-Book Edition.

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HPLS Siddur, Six-Volume Set
Hand-Book Edition - Selection Guide
(This is a Traditional Orthodox Siddur)
This HPLS siddur is made up of six volumes that include traditional prayers for
Weekdays, the Sabbath, and the three major Jewish festivals. The six volumes can be
purchased separately or as a set.

Included in the six volumes are the Preliminary Morning Bessings, Shema Yisrael,
Amidah (silent prayer), Torah and Haftorah Blessings, Mourner's Kaddish, Shabbat and
Holiday Kiddush, Grace after Meals, Yiskor,  Shiva Prayers, Z'merot (Hebrew Songs),
Musaf for Rosh Chodesh and the major Jewish Festivals, Hallel, and much more.

Click on the web-page links given below for an overall description of the prayers
contained in the associated volume.
Each volume contains prayers for Nusach Ashkenaz, Nusach Sefard, and Nusach HaAri (Chabad).
The transliterations use Israeli pronunciation.
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